SUMMER OR WINTER?? When should I market my property??

So, whilst sitting watching my new puppy chew his jammie dodger squeeky toy I find my mind wandering and thinking about what is happening in the market at present. We are now very much into the back end of the year, the nights are dark, the mornings are dark and the sun is hiding far more often than in previous months. And the question every morning now is: do I wear a vest under my shirt, jumper over my shirt, a coat or all 3!

But what does the winter bring the property market? Is it a myth that more properties are sold in the summer, than the winter? Well, here are some stats for you…

  • According to Oct – Dec 2015 saw 150 properties sold in BH8 and Oct – Dec 2016 saw 128 properties sold in BH8.
  • According to July – September 2015 saw 138 properties sold in BH8 and July – September 2016 saw 129 properties sold in BH8.

So as you can clearly see, in recent years, the time of year does not actually affect the number of properties sold in BH8. Specifically, in BH8 more properties have been sold in the winter of recent years, than in the summer months.

A stat that might be interesting to add to this, is how many properties are new to the market in that same time frame:

  • According to in Oct – Dec 2015, for BH8, there were 190 new properties brought to market and 148 for Oct & November in 2016 (Dec 2017 stat not available)
  • According to in July – September 2015, for BH8, there were 225 new properties brought to market and 273 for July -September 2016.

The interesting conclusion to take from this is that many more properties were new to market in the summer months but it is still a similar number of properties that are sold across the 2 times of year.But why would this be? Buyers buy for a number of reasons but mainly the reason revolves around a ‘want’, or a ‘need’. The ‘need’ buyers have little worry over what time of year it is, whether it is raining or bright sunshine, they have the need to move and move! When they move is much lower down on the list. Those who buy out of ‘want’, buy with their head and will be more reactive to the time of year, what the property looks like in the summer over the winter and will be looking for the deal. They have the option of being able to buy when something comes up, rather than having to buy what is there when they have to move.

In answer to the title question the stats above aren’t the only reason to make a decision on when to market. If there was, then this would suggest to bring your property to market in the Winter. But is that right for you, and your property? Does that fit in with your reason / need to sell? Who is likely to buy your property? Is your property then likely to be part of a chain? At what time of year does your buyer type buy?

There are a long, long list of reasons why a seller markets the property when they do. Be sure to know the questions and answers that will give you the right result.

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Stamp Duty Land Tax – What is it? How does it affect Bournemouth Property owners?

One of the most important things when it comes to purchasing a property is knowing what the actual cost is going to be, and one thing that a lot of first time biyers forget about is Stamp Duty.

Stamp Duty Land Tax or ‘SDLT’ is a tax paid by a buyer of property or land. The level of tax paid is dependant upon the value of the land and the nature of that purchase, in this article I will concentrate on residential purchases. SDLT starts a purchase price of £125,000 or over. See the below table for tax rates:

Purchase Price                                              SDLT %

£125,000 and under                                    None

Portion from £125,001 to £250,000       2%

Portion from £250,001 to £925,000       5%

Portion from £935,001 to £1.5million  10%

Above £1.5 million                                      12%

Say for example, the purchase price of a property is £300,000. Using the above table; SDLT would be at 0% of the first £125,000, 2% of the next £125,000 (£2500) and 5% of the remaining £50,000 (£2500) being a total of £5000.

The above is true for the purchase of single property, however if you are buying an addition property to ones you already own then a further 3% tax is levied above the standard rate of SDLT. Therefore in the above example, being bought as an additional property, the stamp duty would now be increased to £14,000 being made up of 3% of the first £125,000 (£3750), 5% of the next £125,000 (£6250) and finally 8% of the remaining £50,000 (£4000).

It is very important to know the level of additional tax you will have to pay as part of a property purchase. You can use a stamp duty calculator found at

If you are replacing your main home you can claim a refund on additional SDLT paid on the 2nd property if the original home is sold within 3 years. Be sure to speak to your financial advisor about the detail of this refund.

The change to this current system of SDLT has had a number of effects in the property market. BTL investors are having to account for a much higher purchase price than a first time buyer / replacement purchase of the same property. Also, under the old system there was a price ceiling at £250,000 for a lot of property types as this as where stamp duty used to really make an impact on the property. Under the new system it has allowed property sitting around £250,000 to rise in value in accordance with the rest of the market which has been great news for a large number of families and owners looking to move into their next home as the value of theirs is being realised.

This is just a brief overview, and with all taxes SDLT can be much more in depth than it seems so please be sure to speak to your financial advisor abut any financial transaction you are undertaking to ensure you are doing things properly.

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Adding value to homes in Bournemouth – have you thought about it yet??

Whilst a drive along Queens Park Avenue is an everyday occurrence for me, as my office is based at one end, I certainly don’t get bored of it. With the beautiful trees that line the road, the large array of house types you can see along both sides of the road and the 3 holes of golf you can see just waiting for someone to shank a shot, throw their club and then not be able to find it. I know we’ve all had the moment on a golf course, and we hope no-one is watching – well I really want to be that guy that’s watching when someone else does it to make me feel better!

Queens Park Avenue really is one of the most beautiful, main roads in the area. But what makes us feel like this as we drive down it? Is it the new cars we see in the driveways? Or it the size of the houses? Or is it the different types of houses? Is it the feeling of wanting what others have? For me it is all the above, I am always fascinated by what one person does to a house. As you drive down Queens Park Avenue today you’ll see a new house being built, another having a new driveway / garage area, one has recently had a new roof  and you’ll also be treated to a fully cladded modern house.

Adding value to your house is one of the best ways to make money on it, but to do this you need to have bought it well and you need to add the right value. Sometimes adding to the rear, or side of a house is not the right option as there is no more value to add in those areas, but if the house is dated inside then a new kitchen / bathroom can add substantially more than the cost of the works. And then there is always a loft conversion to consider…

An article written by David Wilson Homes (a large housebuilder) suggests that a loft conversion could add up to 20% on the value of your home. If you are able to plan out a further bedroom and bathroom or 2 bedrooms plus bathroom into a large converted loft space then your 3 bed house could soon be a 4 or 5 bedroom house with 2 bathrooms. Figures from would suggest that there is a substantial price increase between 3 bedroom, 4 bedroom and 5 bedroom houses in our area.

So instead of spending all your hard-earned money on the new deposit, and buying the bigger house. If you’ve been fortunate enough to save the funds needed, then really do think about adding the value yourself. If the house does not allow it, planning is likely to block it or you just don’t fancy it then do go ahead and continue as planned.

I’m always happy to offer an opinion and show you the numbers on resale prices, or point you in the direction of a trusted builder to cost things out for you. But it’s important to think about the long-term plan with your house as you could be sitting on a gold mine. We have recently agreed a sale on 2 properties, 1 with a converted loft already that has fetched a good 15%-20% more than a comparable flat without the loft, and another with a partially converted loft that again has got at least a 10% uplift on price given the work already done to convert the loft.

Has to be worth thinking about??

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Bournemouth BTL deal

If you are looking to start your BTL journey or you are a seasoned investor then here is a option for you to consider. I have been fortunate this week to have been instructed on a tenanted 1 bedroom first floor flat with ground floor entrance, own rear garden, freehold and converted loft room on top of the usual bedroom, lounge, kitchen and bathroom. See link below:


As it is currently tenanted it is a ready made investment. It currently rents at £650 pcm, with a scope for increase. Being located close to ensbury park it sits in a very central, and handy location offering great access to all local areas.

Having the freehold means no leasehold fees or concerns over lease length and no monthly or annual maintenance costs controlled by someone else.

At the current rent of £650 pcm it offers a return of over 5%. Couple that with what should hopefully be good capital growth and a rising rental market this looks a solid investment that should only go one way…

I am happy, as always, to chat through your personal requirements and thoughts surrounding BTL investment and what you are looking to achieve through any BTL purchase. Feel free to contact me anytime on

BH8 experiences sharp rise in 2016..

So, its February and it’s a great time to recap on what 2016 gave us, took from us and a look forward at what 2017 has in store. Whilst drinking my morning coffee, and munching on a crumbling chocolate cookie (new year, new you fitness regime suffered a momentary loss of momentum) I felt it only prudent to assess the best of 2016. So here goes: 

At one point, there were 355 properties being market, in July 2016, which was up from 293 in the corresponding month of 2015, That’s a rise of over 21% in marketed properties. And August followed suit with a rise of over 23% in market properties. But what did that do to prices? Well, by the end of August 2016, compared with August 2015, we saw the average semi-detached house and terraced house prices rise by 23% and 17% respectively and flats rise by 7%. Now that’s good growth year on year.

My experience within Bournemouth BH8 concurs with these stats. There was certainly a feeling of increased property on the market, and that prices had risen but this has meant that owners need to be realistic about what their property is worth to sell it successfully. It has never been more important to ensure accurate and realistic pricing when wanting to sell in good time.

We note that prices have risen in that time, but the rate of the raise needs to be considered when looking to sell as marketing at too high a price while there are a larger number of properties on the market can be detrimental to selling as those around will sell before yours if they’re priced more approximately. This is why I feel it is more important now, than ever before, to be realistic with pricing to attract the buys and not push them away. A property marketed at the correct price, with the correct advertising and using the right medium will result in a successful sale.

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