So… you’ve just spent the best part of 3 years saving for your first home and you’re so excited you just want to collect the keys from the agent and move in. You do just that, you pick up and random bunch of keys (some of which work, and some don’t) and you move into the your property..
You hire a van, you get your mates round and you move in you big screen TV, your sofa, your fridge / freezer, your beds, wardrobes, iPad, laptop, golf clubs and everything else you own. Your whole life is now inside this home..perfect!

So what haven’t you thoughts about…? You’ve told the council you’ve moved in, you’ve told the gas and electric suppliers and given them reading… but what else haven’t you done?

Do you know who else has keys for your property? Was it rented before, was it owned, is it newly built? If you can categorically say you are the only person with keys to your home then you’re ok… if not then you really really need to change the locks!
Be sure to get the right locks for your insurance too, and that you have the right combination of lock types to cover you.
It seems sill to buy your most expensive asset and then not protect it, and for an additional £50-£100 (depending on locks and locksmith charges) you’d be very silly not to! Especially as you’ll probably spend more than that on your house warming party…


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