FERNDOWN PROPERTY OWNERS – What’s happening to your property??

Ferndown property owners…how is your property performing?

Whilst sitting and arranging our visit to an event in Ferndown coming up it intrigued me to think exactly how property in Ferndown has performed over the last few years.

Rightmove.co.uk, as we know is the biggest property portal in the country, shows us that in November 2014 the average price of any house sold in Ferndown was £299,960 and by October 2016 this has risen to £335,870. That shows a BH22 average price rise on properties sold of approx 12% in just 2 years. Looking into this in a bit more detail shows that this has been a steady increase across that period, with the exception of a few spikes due to some larger properties being sold in one off sales.

Zoopla.co.uk also shows a similar increase with approx £300,000 being the average house price in BH22 in 2014 and over £350,000 being the anticipated average house value in 2017…again this is a staggering 16% 3 years. A great performing area. But why might this be?

Ferndown is an area that feels like it’s improving year on year in every aspect we see. There are new properties being built all the time, new blocks and new developments and there is a constant notice of new roofs, new cladding, refurbishments that can be seen when travelling around. Occupants and property owner of Ferndown are themselves increasing value. A new M+S food hall has recently been finished and a high street coffee shop chain is also now in Ferndown along with the large Sainsbury’s and large Tesco supermarket it now offers essential food shopping (plus some extra bits) to all family types in the area and a popular cup of coffee / mocha / hot chocolate to go with it. More and more reasons for local residents to stay in Ferndown as opposed to travelling to other local areas for these things…

The Schools in Ferndown also rank highly with Ofsted with results of ‘Good’, ‘Good’ and ‘Outstanding’ for Ferndown First, Parley First and Hampreston First respectively. Ferndown upper has also now turned around what was a previously indifferent Ofsted report to a ‘Good’ status and it’s GCSE and A Level results are believed to be are on par, or above that of it’s local rivals in Wimborne / Cranborne areas. And with the long awaited opening of a new school, Parkfield, in Hurn this will continue to push the competition within schools and ultimately the standard of schooling.

Schools are increasingly becoming a large reason why young families move to and area an buy, or rent and with the current situation looking good for schools, shopping and a large (and ever expanding) industrial estate Ferndown really looks to be a good place to be buying and/or living

And as for renting, whether this be looking buying a BTL rental or looking to move and rent in Ferndown all the same reasons apply as to why this is a great rental area. Especially with such easy access in / out of Hampshire and other areas of Dorset and less that 2 hours to central London it offers a huge amount to household of all shapes and sizes.

And of course, we can’t forget the stunning Ferndown Golf Club, that attracts new buyers and residents every year, and the amazing homes and beautiful garden we see from Golf Links Road that really do set the standard within Ferndown.

We love looking into our local property market and will showcase other areas surrounding Bournemouth soon. But for now here’s Ferndown as we see it..

We will be exhibiting at a local Trades and Services Fair on 18th Feb 2017 at The Barrington Centre next to Tesco, be sure to pop down and see us that day! 10am – 3pm and we’re always happy to talk Ferndown, Ringwood and Bournemouth / Poole property markets for both sales and lettings with anyone that wants a chat

Always to happy to speak about our local property market so feel free to email me on aaron@gordonbarker.com any time.

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